As someone who has filed bankruptcy for many people and talked to many others, I have yet to find a single client who planned to file bankruptcy. Everyone I have met always worked hard, tried to get ahead and then something went wrong.

 Yes, a very small percentage of the people I talk to got into drugs, gambling or some other vice. They ended up losing all of their assets, their jobs and often their spouses and family. Those persons are a distinct minority of the persons who file bankruptcy. The vast majority of bankruptcy cases are ones filed by a husband and wife together.

 No one every planned to not “make it”. Most people when they are planning their life have a list to do so they can “make it.” Maybe getting married, having kids, buying a house and there are usually other things on the list. People borrow money to go to college so they can get a better paying job and have a brighter future.

 One thing that is never on the list of things you want to do is “file bankruptcy.” Since you did not plan to “file bankruptcy” then why are you embarrassed, upset or worried if you need to file bankruptcy. Something has happened that caused you to be in the situation that you may need to “file bankruptcy.”

 You are now considering whether to “file bankruptcy” or to keep trudging along. Now is the time to start to plan your future. Ask yourself questions and the answer will usually be obvious.

Do you like where are now?

 Is it really possible to pay your creditors what you owe them, no matter how much you budget, cut expenses, work overtime or take other steps to pay your creditors the money that you owe them?

 What kind of spouse, parent, significant other are you when you are constantly worrying about your creditors?

Do you cringe, winch or get upset when the mail comes, someone knocks on the door or calls you on the phone?

 Contact Nathan Davis to discuss your future and see if filing bankruptcy is the best way to get your life back. Do not allow creditors and bills to control your life. Take control of your life and your future.

 An old saying goes as follows: No matter what you do, your true friends and family will still love you. Your enemies will still hate you. And the rest of the world does not care what you do or did.

 Quit worrying and acting to please your enemies and the rest of the world.

About Nathan Davis, Esquire

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Nathan Davis has been practicing law for many years. Mr. Davis has a wide variety of experiences having practiced domestic relations, criminal law, social security law having also practiced collection law in the past. This knowledge is helpful when someone needs to restart their financial life. The practice is now primarily bankruptcy and debtor representation work, but, Mr. Davis continues to also practice real estate law, trusts and estates and a general litigation practice. I believe that the most important part of representation is trying to leave you better off when the case is finished than when you started. Although I will do as my client directs, I will always tell you if I think that you are making a mistake. Bankruptcy is about a "fresh start". If you do not make changes in what you are doing, you will be doing what you are doing now in the future. There is no shame in bankruptcy or other steps that you may take to start your life over. Too often, people worry more about things than about themselves, their family or their future.
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